Saturday, November 21, 2015

Coffeeneuring 2015 for coffee or tea 2015 has again come and gone. It's not often that I bike specifically to get coffee, except during the weekends of this challenge; and a challenge it has been for me. It's been a tough year between work schedule, family issues and my own back injury. I haven't biked nearly as much as usual other than the mostly flat ride to work and back and a few easy rides in Central Oregon. At least coffeeneuring kept me concentrating on a goal.

Weekend 1 was the best! I took the bus across the Cascades with my bike and camped in a yurt at Suttle Lake. Coffee was made on a wood stove and it is always a treat on a bike trip to keep warm and dry. Miles = ~ 20 from bus stop in Sisters to Suttle Lake and back. Bike Friday parked in yurt. Coffee A+ = Grounds for Change Guatemalan Forestal Blend (heretofor "the usual").

Weekend 2 was another overnight bike trip to central Oregon, this time via Sisters/Smith Rock Scenic Bikeway. I skipped camping at Smith Rock and pedaled the extra 6 miles to my fav place nearby: Skull Hollow. The camp sites are better, less crowded and the view of the stars is spectacular. BYOH2O because none available there. Miles=~36; coffee, the usual, A+, Bike Friday in tent vestibule.

Weekend 3 was a short trip to do errands and a quick stop at The Hideaway bakery for a scone, latte and fresh veggies at farmer's mkt.  Miles =~3; bike parking gets a C, out of sight unless you park bike by outdoor table, as I did. 

Weekend 4 was another short trip;  bookstore stop then a quick stop at the Market of Choice on 29th St. for a skinny mocha with whipped cream. Miles=~2 Bike parking A+ for covered and visible! Coffee A+ but expensive! 

Weekend 5 was a stop for a mexi-mocha and pastry at Allann Bros Beanery while my Koga Miyata bike was in for a tune up close by at Paul's Bicycle Way on Alder. Miles =~3 bike parking at Beanery=F, none, but you can lock to a small roof support post if you have a cable lock. Sad that bike parking is poor at the shop with the best coffee! 

Weekend 6 was a stop for herbal tea at The Market of Choice on Franklin Blvd. I used my new Swift Industries Hinterland  mug and had French Brie and crackers. Yum. Miles =~ 6 bike parking B, ok, but not visible.

Final weekend 7 was a trip to Dizzy Dean's Donuts. I wanted to check it out, as they open at 5am and I ride by there in the dark at 6am on weekdays and would consider stopping there sometime.  It was mid morning and black coffee was barely warm.  I rode my Koga Miyata with a wheel lock and parked it just outside where I could see bike on other side of window seat. There is one bike rack, but it isn't visible from inside the donut shop. The donut was delicious, as it was covered with marshmallow creme! Miles=~ 7, bike parking C, coffee D, pastry A+

Well, that's it...I had a few more unremarkable coffee outings, not included here, but the above were remarkable simply because I was out on my bike, having fun, forgetting pain and problems. A bike ride can do that.